When is the Onaping Falls Winter Carnival ?

The 2020 Onaping Falls Winter Carnival begins at 6:00 pm on Friday, January 31st and ends on Sunday, February 2nd at 7:00 pm.

How can I become a volunteer ?

Contact Shannon Findlay at (705) 

or Valerie Besserer at (705) 698-0265 to become a volunteer.

How can I become a sponsor ?

Please contact Carrie Morin at (705) 918-1978 or morin_cd@hotmail.com to become a sponsor.

How much is Admission ?

Admission to the Carnival is a one time $5 Button per person (2 years and under are free). All carnival activities are included in the cost of the button (except for the Cake Walk, Lock & Key Raffle, "Fill Your Belly" Bingo, Malamute Saloon and any food items you wish to purchase). 

You can purchase a button at Levack Mini-Mart, Onaping Kwik-way, Roger's Valumart (Dowling) and buttons are also available at several locations during the Carnival. 

Will there be food at the Carnival ?


There will be FREE hot chocolate, coffee & tea available all day Saturday and Sunday.

A BBQ will be available on Saturday at the Onaping Community Centre by the Knights of Columbus, Levack (not included in Carnival Button).

A BBQ and Canteen will be available on Sunday at the Dowling Leisure Centre by the Onaping Falls Lion's Club and Chevaliers de colomb, Dowling (not included in Carnival Button).

Parking and Shuttle Service

Parking is available at all venues during the Carnival.

Please see the Shuttle Service schedule posted under the "Schedule" tab.